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'The Heart of Haiti' 

Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 120cm


Original Artwork by Eden Mullane

Certificate of Authenticity included

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks


For all enquiries and high-resolution images please email: or contact using the contact form.


Worldwide shipping available


Taxes and duties: some countries incur duties on import (including the EU), please note these are the responsibility of the buyer.

The Heart of Haiti

  • ‘The Heart of Haiti’ is inspired by vivid childhood memories of squeezing into the back of taxis in Jamaica with my cousins, surrounded by luscious tropics, community spirit and comforting Caribbean warmth. 


    Translated here to a large-scale, this piece has an ability to transform and adapt dependent on the time of day; as if it really is at the Heart of the Caribbean. Daylight accentuates vibrant greens, yellows and turquoise hues but from sunset, the piece transforms into a dense midnight jungle brought to life with rich pythalo greens and deep teal tones. 


    I hope this piece transports you to a vibrant and magical place deep within the Heart of the Caribbean.

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