Storytelling through Art & Textiles


Drawing on personal inspiration from Eden's mixed cultural heritage in Jamaica and England, Interior Art and Textiles intertwine to capture the nostalgic memories of travelling in a uniquely abstracted and contemporary style.

Despite the conventional beauty of nature in Jamaica, capturing the intensely fascinating textures of non-picturestuqe areas have been explored in more detail, giving the artwork and textiles an intimate sense of character and storytelling. 



Eden Mullane (1997) is an Artist and Textiles Designer with a First Class Degree in Textiles: Design & Innovation from Loughborough University.

Born in Norfolk, UK. Eden's work explores using design as her narrative, with daily inspiration from her mixed cultural provenance in Jamaica and England. Often, her work explores blending the raw untouched beauty of provincial Jamaica with the structural might of metropolitan London in bold and beautiful ways.


Combining Art with Interiors 

Eden Mullane Art & Interiors aims to translate the vibrant and serene memories associated with travelling to your favourite destination into Textiles and Artwork in a sophisticated and contemporary style.

 With original artwork being the primary inspiration for design collections, the paintings are then translated into fabrics with reference to their colour, proportions and textures to create diverse and unique collections of hand-woven and printed fabrics.

Tropical and playful abstract elements are united harmoniously by an indulgent, yet entirely contemporary palette of rich colours and palpable textures for Interior Art and Textiles.

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