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Eden Mullane is a Norfolk-based artist, heavily influenced by her multicultural Caribbean Heritage. 

Often, she explores her cultural roots through bold colour and lush landscapes, to offer a glimpse into her rich cultural narrative in an authentic light. Her distinctive style serves as a porthole into the fusion of influences that shape her artistic expression.

As a decendant of the Windrush Generation and having often visited Jamaica as a child, Eden often taps into these experiences through her work. Her notable piece titled ‘A Vista from Port Antonio’ which featured in Sky Arts: Landscape Artist of the Year and BBC News, celebrated the raw beauty embedded in her ancestry on a dramatic scale. 

Eden graduated in Textile: Design & Innovation in 2019, where she explored translating her Art into fabrics for Interiors. After graduating, she honed her artistic practise further and now works from her studio in the heart of Norwich as a full-time artist.


Eden has exhibited in numerous Solo and Group Shows and has an international collector base in the US, Asia, Brazil and Europe. 


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Norfolk artist 'takes the leap' to launch career during pandemic - BBC News

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