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'Jamaican Reverie' 

Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 120cm


Original Artwork by Eden Mullane

Certificate of Authenticity included

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks


For all enquiries and high-resolution images please email: or contact using the contact form.


Worldwide shipping available


Taxes and duties: some countries incur duties on import (including the EU), please note these are the responsibility of the buyer.

Jamaican Reverie

  • Reveries: A form of escapism, allowing individuals to temporarily detach from their immediate surroundings and immerse themselves in a world of their own creation.

    The largest painting from the Reveries collection, ‘Jamaican Reverie’ draws inspiration from the picturesque waterfalls of Jamaica. The fading foliage reflects my receding memories, vividly revived through a bold fusion of purples and blues. My dream-like reminiscences of Jamaica in this piece aim to carry you away into your own reveries too.

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